The GeoPLASMA-CE Polish kick-off workshop


The kick-off meeting was hosted by the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. The meeting was held at the AGH UST Education and Research Laboratory of Renewable Energy Sources and Conservation of Energy in Miękinia, near Kraków. The meeting was addressed by both GeoPLASMa-CE partners (AGH UST and PGI-NRI), the associate partners (Polish Organization of Heat Pump Technology Development - PORT PC, City Office of Kraków) and stakeholders from Poland. It aimed to put the project on track and intended to give the stakeholders an opportunity to express their ideas and needs to the Polish project team.

 During the meeting various details were discussed concerning the implementation of the project, including the individual work packages WPT1, WPT2 and WPT3. Particular attention was paid to the assessment of methodology, quality standards and regulations necessary to generate joint methods and workflows for planning, assessment, management and monitoring of shallow geothermal installations. A discussion was dedicated to foreseen research activities within the pilot project for the city of Krakow. In this particular issue, the possibilities of using the existing BHE installed at the AGH UST Education and Research Laboratory of Renewable Sources of Energy and Conservation in Miękina for TRT calibration were evaluated. Furthermore, methodology of construction of geothermal potential maps as well as possibilities and constraints of the application of Petrel E&P software for shallow geothermal assessment and mapping were discussed. Finally, the participants deliberated the construction of hydrogeological model for Krakow PP area as a key element in the assessment of the open loop ground source heat pump systems as possible solution for the area of Krakow. All participants accepted the future advantages provided by the application of specialized GeoStar software packages used by the PGI-NRI as a common data exchange platform for the Polish partners involved in the GeoPLASMA-CE project.

All participants sincerely appreciated the meeting as very fruitful and useful for successful future project implementation.

Some participants in front of the Laboratory
An inventory of possible TRT calibration test site